Camp Dennison, Ohio

1. Don Worth, UCLA
2. Stephen E. Williams, Ph.D., Lebanon Valley College of Pennsylvania
3. William J. Bechmann III, Cincinnati, OH

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View of Camp Dennison published in Harper's Weekly
Camp Dennison was a military recruiting and training post for the United States Army during the Civil War. It was located near Cincinnati, Ohio, not far from the Ohio River. The camp was named for Cincinnati native William Dennison, Ohio's governor at the start of the war


The north city limits of the town of Camp Dennison, OH


Monument to Camp Dennison in left background

  The Little Miami River near Camp Dennison

(2011) Enlarge The Little Miami River. Clermont County to Camp Dennison, Ohio (Hamilton County)
William J. Bechmann photo


(2011) Enlarge The new Camp Dennison sign (Honoring The American Civil War)
William J. Bechmann photo

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