St. Augustine, Florida

1. William Bozic, Houston, TX
2. Dale Cox, Fort Smith, AR
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(3-2007) Enlarge Tolomato Cemetery
Among the many people buried in the Tolomato Cemetery in St. Augustine, Florida are a number of St. Augustine's Confederate dead. The cemetery is gated and locked so the photo of the graves was taken from a distance using the telephoto option on the camera


(3-2007) Enlarge The Confederate Monument
Located in the plaza at St. Augustine. It lists the names of men from the city who served in the Confederate Army, many of the names were seen on the gravestones at Tolomato Cemetery. Quite a number of the surnames on the monument appear to be Hispanic


(Wartime) This 1864 photo was taken from nearly same angle as the modern photo of the Government House from across King Street looking at St. George Street. Note the Federal soldier standing guard
The original photo is part of a display in the Government House


(3-2007) The Government House
Enlarged views of the Government House, today and in 1864
Located on St. George Street between Cathedral Place and King Street. The City of St. Augustine was occupied by both Confederate and Union forces during the war
Today the Government House is used as a museum, but the original building over the years was the Spanish Royal Government House, St. Augustine City Hall, and a US Post Office
This photo was taken from the intersection of King Street and St. George Street on March 16, 2007


(3-2007) Enlarge William Wing Loring Monument
Detail 1     2     3     4     5
Located across from Cordova Street in St. Augustine. This soldier from St. Augustine, Florida served in the US, CSA, and Egyptian Armies. The tablet below the monument tells of his life, but each part of the obelisk also details his military exploits

These are the sides of the obelisk/monument to William Wing Loring. Each is dedicated to a part of his long military career under various flags


(3-2007) Enlarge Fort Marion
This is a view of Fort Marion taken from the glacis on the SW side with the San Pedro Bastion in the center. This fort was used by both sides during the War Between The States, but is probably best known for it many years of use guarding the Spanish treasure fleets when it was known as El Castillo de San Marcos
In March of 1862 the Union gunboat USS Wabash demanded the surrender of the town and there after the fort was occupied by the Union as a base
When the photo was taken on March 16, 2007, the National Park Service (NPS) personnel were doing impressions of the Spanish colonial period so a replica Spanish flag from the 18th Century was flying over the fort. The flag is not in view on this photo. At some other times the 1861-1865 era is interpreted. The NPS was also trying to make repairs to this old and heavily visited fort when the photo was taken
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Castillo de San Marcos National Monument
1 South Castillo Drive
St. Augustine, Florida 32084

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