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(2002) Custer field glasses


(2002)  Replica of the grandest prize of all from Appomattox, the small wooden table upon which Grant wrote the terms of the surrender, went to General Sheridan who paid $20.00 in gold for it. He turned it over to the 'boy wonder' on his staff, General George Armstrong Custer, whose wife Elizabeth possessed it for the rest of her life. In 1912 she lent the table to the Smithsonian and in 1936, according to her will, the loan became a bequest. She also cherished the letter General Sheridan sent along with the table.
My Dear Madam: I respectfully present to you the small writing-table on which the conditions for the surrender of the Confederate Army of Northern Virginia was written by Lt.-General Grant, and permit me to say, madam, that there is scarcely an individual who has contributed more to bring about this desirable result than your very gallant husband


(2002)  Custer saddle

  (2002) Custer statue

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