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General Custer Exhibits
Monroe, Michigan

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Housed on the second floor of the Monroe County Historical Museum is one of the nation’s largest public exhibits on General George Armstrong Custer. Custer was born in Ohio, but attended school in Monroe and married Elizabeth Bacon, the daughter of a prominent local judge.
The exhibit traces General Custer's genealogy and birth, his association with Monroe, his West Point experience, his Civil War victories, and his ultimate demise at the Little Big Horn. Custer’s interests in outdoor life, travel, target shooting, hunting, and taxidermy are highlighted.
The effect of Custer and his legend can be seen in displays showing the efforts of Civil War veterans to memorialize him, and through the life and works of his beautiful widow, who remained steadfast to his memory until her death at age 91. The rest of the Custer family is not forgotten, as they have remained a fixture among Monroe’s military families until after World War II.


(2002) Monroe County Historical Museum, Monroe, Michigan


(2002)  Museum marker


(2002)  Michigan Volunteers battle flag

  (2002) Custer Civil War display

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