Battle of Tom's Brook, Virginia

The following photos/text courtesy of Alan M. Di Sciullo, Esq., Princeton Jct, NJ
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The battle of Tom's Brook was fought on October 9, 1864 following Sheridan's Fisher Hill victory. At dawn, Union cavalry from Fishers and Round Hills attacked the Confederate camp at Tom's Brook. Merritt's division was pinned down by Confederate artillery on the Valley Pike but Custer's division attacked up the Back Road and broke the Confederate line.
A plaque describing the battle is located in a park adjacent to mountains and cow pastures.
Where the battle was fought is presently a development and the house-lined street shows roughly the confederate line where the Union attacked. Custer's troops advanced and enveloped the Confederates roughly in the area where the corn stubble is located. The Confederates broke and rapidly retreated down the Back Road to Woodstock (area shown in last photo) in what become known as the "Woodstock Races."


Battle of Tom's Brook, October 9, 1864 Enlarge




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