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(2008) Enlarge Monument to Generals James Screven and Daniel Stewart,  Revolution and Indian Wars
Midway, Georgia (named after a river in England). Historical Cemetery, mostly Colonial times with a US Congress erected monument to two of that era's Generals - Screven, killed in battle
nearby, and Stewart (also an Indian War Soldier). Several Confederate Graves here


(2008) Enlarge J. H. Rokenbauch, "Liberty Rangers," 20th Ga. Cav.


(2008) Enlarge Dr. Hr. Deledal, "Liberty Troop," 5th Ga. Cav.


(2008) Enlarge Maj. W. C. Thomson, Born April 6, 1829. Died June 18, 1864


(2008) Enlarge George Baker, Co. D, 7th Regt., Ga. Cav.


(2008) Enlarge G. V. Baker, Co. B, 20th Ga. Cav.

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