Battle of Fisher's Hill, Virginia

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Following defeats at Rutherford's Farm and the 3rd battle of Winchester, Early's troops retreated up (South) through the Valley and reformed on Fisher's Hill, just south of Strasburg. Early formed his units with Wharton on the right, followed by Gordon, Pegram and Ramseur going westward. Unfortunately, his westernmost line was weak and it was there on September 22nd that Sheridan's forces attacked.
A walking tour provides access to the area where Sheridan's troops (under Brig. Gen. James Ricketts) rolled up Ramseur's division.

Stop 1of the tour shows traces of the Confederate works.

Stops 2 and 3- shows the extreme left of the line with Little North Mountain in the background and the Funkhouser house-the only residence from the battle-visible.

Stop 4 shows the remains of an old chestnut tree which was allegedly used by the Confederates as an observation post. This is the area where Gen. Bryan Grime's North Carolina troops tried to repulse Gen. George Crook's troops which had previously marched across Back Road to the lower slopes of Little North Mountain.

Stops 5 and 6 show where the Confederate collapse occurred as they retreated eastward (across now Interstate 81) to the ground occupied by Pegram's and Gordon's divisions.  

One picture shows the present terrain of the Confederate eastern line.

The next major engagement after Fisher Hill was Cedar Creek on October 19, 1864.


Enlarge Battle of Fisher's Hill, September 22, 1864


Enlarge Fisher's Hill - Union Flank Attack


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