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Photos/text this page courtesy of Richard Edling, PA

(1-2007) Carlisle Indian Industrial School interpretive marker on the grounds of the Carlisle Army Barracks. On the afternoon of June 28, 1863, the 32nd North Carolina regiment raised a Confederate flag over the Carlisle Barracks, making it the northern-most military installation captured by the rebels. JEB Stuart burned the barracks on July 1st. The barracks is still in use today by the U.S. Army. Due to homeland security no photos are allowed of the barracks. I was only allowed to photograph the marker and the cemetery


(1-2007) Carlisle Industrial School cemetery


(1-2007) Army Heritage trail on the grounds of Ridgeway Hall, home of the U.S. Army Military History Institute near Carlisle Army Barracks


(1-2007) A Civil War cabin exhibit on the trail

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