Virginia City, Nevada

Photo/text courtesy of William Bozic, Houston, TX
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1. History of Virginia City, Nevada and the Comstock Lode
2. Virginia City "Step Back In Time"
3. Historic Virginia City, Nevada

This photo was taken in the early afternoon on November 11, 2006 as snow was just beginning to fall. The OLD WASHOE CLUB dates to 1862 and is located on "C" Street in Virginia City, Storey County, Nevada. Starting in 1859 the area became a center of the mining industry and various subsidiary enterprises of all sorts, but today tourism is the main industry.
The Old Washoe Club is a saloon and casino in the historic district. There are many saloons and casinos today, but this casino & saloon is one of the few Civil War-era buildings to survive the great fire of 1875.
"The Comstock Lode yielded more than $400 million dollars in gold and silver, brought Nevada its statehood, and helped Abraham Lincoln finance the Civil War."-Quote taken from the book VIRGINIA CITY NEVADA: QUEEN of the COMSTOCK LODE. 2003.


This is a photo taken as snow was falling in the afternoon on November 11, 2006 on "C" Street in Virginia City, Storey County, Nevada. "C" Street is the main street and is always full of cars. If you look beyond the cars you can see some buildings representative of the town. This area provided President Abraham Lincoln with money to fight the war against the Confederates. Although there probably is still some gold and silver left, mining operations are largely a thing of the past and tourism is the main focus. In its heyday the chief occupation for merchants on "C" Street (and others) was to separate miners from their earnings, but today it is to separate tourists from their dollars.


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