Mosby Heritage Area Tour

1. Richard Edling, Philadelphia, PA: 2006 & 2007
2. George Petropol, Bristow, VA: 2011 & 2013
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"My purpose was to weaken the armies invading Virginia, by harassing their rear... To destroy supply trains, to break up the means of conveying intelligence, and thus isolating an army from its base, as well as its different corps from each other, to confuse their plans by capturing their dispatches, are the objects of partisan war. It is just as legitimate to fight an enemy in the rear as in the front. The only difference is in the danger... John S. Mosby.
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The Mosby Heritage Area was formed in 1995 to increase awareness of the historic, cultural and natural qualities of a unique part of Northern Virginia. Named for the Confederate colonel who harried Union troops throughout the region, the Mosby Heritage Area retains much of the landscape and landmarks of three centuries of our Nation's history. The Mosby Heritage Area is the first heritage area designated in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

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1862 Warrenton
5-Point Skirmish
Aldie Bridge
Ashby's Gap
Atoka: Wartime Rector's Crossroads
Battle of Berryville
Battle of Miskel Farm
Beckham House
Belle Boyd Cottage
Brown's Crossing
Buck Marsh Baptist Church
Buck Marsh Fight
Caleb Rector House
California Building
Capture of Front Royal
Chantilly Cavalry Skirmish
Chestnut Hill
Clarke County Courthouse
Criser's Bottom
Dr. Melton home site
Duffield Station
Ebenezer Chapel
Fairfax Court House
Farewell Address
Front Royal
Frye House
Frying Pan Meeting House
Goose Creek Bridge
Greenback Raid
Guard Hill
Hannah House
Harry Hatcher
Hatcher House
Herndon Station
James Hathaway House
Lee's Narrow Escape
Legendary Slave Auction Block
Loudoun Heights Clash
Marshall: Wartime Salem
Marr, John Quincy
McKay Home
Middleburg Battle
Miskel Farm
Mosby Barber Shop
Mosby House
Mosby Monument
Mt. Zion Church
Oak Hill
Old Fauquier Count Courthouse
Old Gaol Jailhouse
Old Salem Church
Poolesville, Maryland
Pott’s Mill
Prospect Hill Cemetery
Richardson's Hill
Saffer House
Salem Railroad Station
St. Paul's Lutheran Church Cemetery
The Briars
Upperville Battlefield
Warren County Courthouse
Warren Green Hotel
Warren Heritage Society
Warren Rifles Confederate Museum
Warrenton Cemetery
Warrenton Railroad Depot
William Fitzhugh Payne Home
Woodward’s Store
Historical/Interpretive Markers:    
A Revolutionary War Hero
Action at Dranesville
Aldie Mill
Ashby's Gap
Attack at Goose Creek Bridge
Battle of Berryville
Battle of Middleburg
Battle of Miskel Farm
Berryville Clarke County
Black Horse Cavalry
Buck Marsh Baptist Church
Buckland Races An Inglorious Skedaddle
Campaign of Second Manassas
Capture of Front Royal
Cavalry Battles
Civil War comes to Oatlands
Clarke County Courthouse
Col. John Singleton Mosby
Dr. William Gunnell House
Draper House
Execution of Mosby's Rangers
Fairfax Court House
Fredericksburg Campaign
Frying Pan Meeting House
General William Darke
Gettysburg Campaign
Herndon Station
Herndon Station: Tracks into History
Joshua Gunnell House
Lee's Narrow Escape
Lee's Narrow Escape (2)
Legendary Slave Auction Block
Loudoun Heights Clash
McClellan's Demise,  Mosby's Raffle
McClellan's Farewell
McClellan Relieved from Command
Mosby's Herndon Station Raid
Mosby House
Mosby's Men
Mosby's Rangers
Mosby's Rangers Disband
Mt. Zion Church
Poolesville, Maryland
Prospect Hill Cemetery, Front Royal
Ratcliffe-Allison House
Rector House
Richardson's Hill
Screening Lee's Army
Sharpsburg (Antietam) Campaign
Signal Station
Stuart and Bayard
The Briars
The McKay Home
The Milling Complex
The Warren Green
They Did Their Job
Town of Boyce
Upperville "A Sunday in War"
Warrenton (2)
Warrenton (3)
Warrenton Cemetery
Warren County Courthouse
April 2004 photos/text courtesy of Richard Edling, PA    

Virginia's Mosby Heritage Area
The Mosby Heritage Area is one of over 100 Heritage Areas formed by Americans throughout the country to celebrate their own communities' distinctive characters and senses of place. In 1995, local citizens established the boundaries for the Mosby Heritage Area along natural features and historic travelways and received official support through resolutions passed by the Boards of Supervisors from both Fauquier and Loudoun Counties. The Mosby Heritage Area is a "living museum" and retains much of the landscape and landmarks of the past three centuries. The Area is named for Colonel John Singleton Mosby, whose Rangers so dominated the region during the Civil War that its core was known as Mosby's Confederacy. The Route 50 Corridor bisects the John Mosby Heritage Area which is made up of the towns, villages, and open spaces in Clarke County, western Loudoun County, northeastern Warren County, northern Fauquier County, and northwestern Prince William County as well as a portion of Jefferson County, West Virginia

Atoka (wartime Rector's Crossroads)
In June 1863 Mosby's rangers were formed here, also on Dec. 21 1864 Col. John S. Mosby is wounded by Union cavalry at Lakeland near Rector’s Cross Roads (Atoka). Concealing his identity, Mosby is left to die, but recovers and resumes command of his Rangers two months later



Atoka (wartime Rector's Crossroads)
Interpretive marker at Atoka

Atoka area
Typical of the scenery found on the Mosby Heritage Tour

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