Ebenezer Creek & Jerusalem Church, Georgia

Courtesy of Richard Edling, Philadelphia, PA
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Ebenezer Creek & Jerusalem Church
Located here was a town called New Ebenezer, settled by the Salzburgers, a persecuted Protestant sect which fled to Georgia from Austria in 1736. The town had 2,000 citizens when the British captured it in 1779. After the Revolutionary War, the Salzburgers Maj. Gen. Jefferson C. Davis Library of Congress photomoved away. Their old church remains, as does their cemetery. A museum nearby tells the story of the Salzburgers. The Civil War brought hardship when Union general William T. Sherman's troops came through the county on their march to the sea in 1864. On Dec. 8, Federal troops under Union Gen. Jefferson C. Davis filed across Ebenezer Creek and destroyed their pontoon bridge behind them, leaving behind over 600 slaves which had been following the army column. With Confederate cavalry under Wheeler approaching, many slaves panicked and drowned as they tried to flee by attempting to swim across the creek. Some Union soldiers encamped on the Eden Road after passing through Springfield. Others occupied Jerusalem Church, using its picket fence and hymnals for fires and engaging in skirmishes on the grounds.
From Springfield go south on GA 21 to GA 275. Turn left and go approximately 5 miles to Jerusalem Church. Farther down GA 275 is a boat landing where Ebenezer Creek meets the Savannah River.


(10-2006) Jerusalem Church


(10-2006) Jerusalem Church

(10-2006) Jerusalem Church  

(10-2006) The Fail House
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