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Photos this page courtesy of Richard Edling, Philadelphia, PA    

(10-2006) Steeple of the Darien Methodist Church


(10-2006) St. Andrews Episcopal Church
Interpretive Marker


(10-2006) Grant House (1840). This frame dwelling was the only residence to survive the destruction of the town in 1863 by Union troops. For many years it was the home of well known black educator James Grant. It is still owned by Grant family descendants


(10-2006) Capture of 23 old men interpretive marker, north of Darien
Interpretive Marker

After the U.S. Army invaded McIntosh County and destroyed Darien; gunboats were used to blockade the ports. These personnel constantly plundered McIntosh County. The only defense to the plundering that the county had was a group of men too old for military service. On the night of August 3, 1864, the county's elderly defenders had met at the Ebenezer Church, nine miles north of Darien. Federal troops found out about the meeting from local informants. The troops surrounded the church, opened fire, and captured twenty-three old men. These civilians were marched to a landing near Darien and put on ships and taken to prisons in the North

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