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(2011) Enlarge Another view of St. Mary's Catholic Church


(2011) Enlarge Bryantown Tavern, now a private residence. Same thing, Mudd met Booth here and had drinks and probably talked of the kidnap plot. Union troops set up base here after hearing Booth may have been in the area. Dr. Mudd was arrested and brought here for questioning and held until he was transferred to Washington


(2011) Enlarge Rich Hill, owned by southern agent, Col. Samuel Cox. After leaving Dr. Mudd's, Booth and Herold came to this address with the help of a man they had paid. Here they were fed. Later Mr. Cox sent them to the nearby pine thicket where they hid for a few days. Mr. Cox's cousin, Thomas Paine was called to help care for the fugitives and get them a boat for crossing the Potomac River


(2012) Enlarge Elizabeth Quesenberry house where Booth and Herold first stopped after finally crossing the Potomac River. She knew the Confederate spy network well and sent for an agent to help the fugitives


(2012) Enlarge Cleydael, in King George County, VA. The house owned by Dr. Richard Stuart. The doctor knew that something was wrong with the two strangers and treated them rudely. He did feed Booth and Herold before sending them on their way. Booth was very angry with the way he was treated


(2012) Enlarge Randolph Peyton house
Interpretive Marker: Booth Turned Away (Historical Marker Database)

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