Sites related to the escape of John Wilkes Booth

1. Don Worth, UCLA 2001
2. George Petropol, VA 2006, 2012
3. John Guss, NC 2007

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1. John Wilkes Booth - Wikipedia
2. John Wilkes Booth Escape Route Driving Tour
3. The escape and suicide of John Wilkes Booth
4. The Original John Wilkes Booth Escape Route Tour
Bryantown Tavern
Col. Samuel Cox
Dr. Samuel Mudd's Grave
Dr. Samuel Mudd's Home
Elizabeth Quesenberry House
Ford's Theater  
Ford's Theater Museum   2
Garrett Farm   2
Mary Surratt Tavern
Peyton House
Pine Thicket
Rich Hill
St. Mary's Catholic Church
Star Hotel Site
Thomas Paine

(8-2001) Ford's Theater
Don Worth photo


(8-2001) Ford's Theater. The interior has been reconstructed to look as it did in April 14, 1865. Here is the box where President Lincoln sat that fateful night
Don Worth photo


(8-4-2001) Ford's Theater Museum. Downstairs is a wonderful museum. This is the gun that Booth used to shoot Lincoln - a .44 caliber single-shot percussion pistol manufactured by Henry Derringer of Philadelphia
Don Worth photo


(8-2001) Ford's Theater Museum. When Booth leaped to the stage his spur caught on a flag decorating the President's box. This Treasury Guards regimental flag is thought to be the one. Note tear at right
Don Worth photo

(2006Mary Surratt Tavern
George Petropol photo

(2006) Mary Surratt Tavern, Clinton, Maryland. Booth and David Herold stopped here to get field glasses, ammunition and two rifles. The rifles were hidden in the attic alcove
George Petropol photo

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