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Salem Church Cemetery
Richard Edling photo



Battle of Salem Church Display
Richard Edling photo


(6-2007) Enlarge Detail SALEM CHURCH BATTLEFIELD
This is a photo of the monument on VA Route #3 to the 15th New Jersey Volunteer Infantry Regiment at the Salem Church Battlefield (May 3, 1863). 41 killed, well over 100 wounded, and 4 missing.
Although the area looks scenic, this monument is on one side of 3 lanes of traffic in each direction with a small pull-off on the right lane headed west on Virginia Route #3 at the start of a small rise in the highway. The area around the monument is totally commercially developed, with the exception of the small Salem Church NPS unit that is across the highway and diagonal to the monument. If you care to visit make sure you can get into the right lane after the Exxon station

William Bozic photo


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