General Bryan Grimes
Monument, Home and Grave

Photos/text this page courtesy of:
1. Brian Duckworth, NC
2. John Guss, site manager Bennett Place Historic Site, NC

YouTube Video: Grimesland, Home of Major General Bryan Grimes
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2. Bryan Grimes, 1828-1880. Extracts of Letters to His Wife
3. Guide to the J. Bryan Grimes Papers
4. Bryan Grimes - Wikipedia

(January 2008) General Bryan Grimes historical marker on Hwy 33, near Chocowinity, NC. Marker: Bryan Grimes, 1828-1880. Major General, Confederate Army. His service spanned the Peninsula Campaign to Appomattox

Brian Duckworth photo

(January 2008) Detail-1  Detail-2 "Memorial to Major General Bryan Grimes" since one of the most significant aspects of his CSA military career was that he was the last officer to be promoted to the rank of major general by General Robert E. Lee

Monument and grave at Trinity Church Cemetery near Chocowinity, NC

Brian Duckworth photo


(2011) Enlarge Photograph of Major General Bryan Grimes
John Guss photo


(2011) Enlarge Grimesland, plantation home of Major General Bryan Grimes
John Guss photo

(2011) Enlarge Grimesland Plantation-Rear View of the Home
John Guss photo

(2011) Enlarge Resting Place of Major General Bryan Grimes. Within his cemetery grounds Grimes had two of his favorite horse buried just outside the fenced family plot
Trinity Cemetery
Beaufort County
North Carolina, USA
John Guss photo

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