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1. Old Gray Cemetery, Knoxville, Tennessee

2. Find A Grave - Old Gray Cemetery
3. Appalachian History: Knoxville: Old Gray Cemetery

(2007)  Old Gray Cemetery

(2007)  Close-up of cemetery marker


(2007)  Old Gray Cemetery (January 2010)  Enlarge Campbell Station marker along Kingston Pike
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Paul Stanfield photo

(January 2010)  Enlarge Campbell Station on Kingston Pike, Farragut, TN. Built 1810 by David Campbell. Fort and stage coach station before and during the Civil War
Paul Stanfield photo


(January 2010)  Enlarge Knollwood Hall, 6411 Kingston Pike. Completed 1851. Developed by James White founder of Knoxville. Longstreet's headquarters in late 1863 and it is believed that in the dining room he planned the Battle of Fort Sanders
Paul Stanfield photo

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