Indianapolis, IN
Soldiers & Sailors Monument and Garfield Park

Photos/narratives courtesy of Jack Snyder, IN and Chris Shelton, IN
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Photos/text this page courtesy of Jack Snyder, IN    

Enlarge Main gate of Crown Hill Cemetery


Reburial site of 1616 Confederate military personnel and slaves that died while POWs at Camp Morton at Indianapolis, Indiana. They were originally buried in Greenlawn Cemetery which was the city of Indianapolis’ “city cemetery”. This cemetery was abandoned due to erosion from the adjacent river and the encroachment of the railroad company. The remains were buried in another section of Greenlawn cemetery in 1870 and the moved to Crown Hill in 1931


Close up of monument to Confederate dead buried at Crown Hill Cemetery


This is a photo of the large monument referenced on the Confederate Mound Monument. This had originally been in Greenlawn Cemetery, but when the remains were moved to Crown Hill Cemetery in 1931 this monument stayed on the south side of Indianapolis and was moved to Garfield Park. The monument is approximately 30 feet tall

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