Col. William D. Chipley Monument
Chipley, FL

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(2008) Enlarge  This is the monument to Col. William D. Chipley in downtown Chipley, Florida. The city was not founded until after the Civil War, but was named in Col. Chipley's honor

A graduate of the Kentucky Military Institute and Transylvania University, Chipley was an officer in the 9th Kentucky Infantry of the Kentucky's famed Orphan Brigade

(January 2008) This is another view of the monument to Col. William D. Chipley in downtown Chipley, Florida

Col. Chipley was wounded at both Shiloh and Chickamauga, but returned to duty each time. He was captured at the Battle of Peachtree Creek and imprisoned at Johnson's Island until the end of the war

After the war, Chipley was accused by the U.S. government of having been involved in the murders of Union soldiers. Defended by former Confederate Vice President Alexander Stephens, he was found not guilty. Years later a letter surfaced in the possession of his family revealing that the government had offered to drop the charges due to lack of evidence, but Chipley declined the offer and demanded a trial to clear his name



(January 2008) Enlarge  After the Civil War, Col. Chipley became involved in business and politics. He was a state representative in Florida, served as mayor of Columbus (Georgia), and lost a bid for U.S. Senate by one vote

Noted as a railroad builder, he constructed Florida's Pensacola and Atlantic Railroad and played a major role in developing the Sunshine State. The city of Chipley was named in his honor in 1882


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