Confederate Memorial Park
Anderson, Grimes County, Texas

The following  photos and narratives courtesy of William Bozic, Houston, TX
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Enlarge This is a photo of Confederate Memorial Park in the town of Anderson, Grimes County, Texas taken April 14, 2006. The statue is a CSA infantryman representing Company "G" 4th Texas Volunteer Infantry, Army of Northern Virginia, AKA "The Grimes County Grays"

Originally the statue was planned for the old county courthouse in Anderson, but after a single objection the placement of the monument on the old courthouse grounds was rejected. A small parcel of land next to the old courthouse was purchased and renovated into the present park. Much of the work and fundraising was done by The Grimes County Grays Camp of the Sons of Confederate Veterans, hence the statue represents a Grimes County Gray



This is a series of photos taken at different angles on April 14th in the afternoon at the Confederate Memorial Park in Anderson, Grimes County, Texas. The statue depicts an enlisted infantryman in Co "G" 4th Texas Volunteer Infantry, Army of Northern Virginia. This company was known as "The Grimes County Greys". If you look closely you can see the flags of various CSA states in the background and engraved paver stones purchased to help fund the monument. The statue is made of "colored" metal so the light blue collar and cuffs, brown rifle, etc. can be seen

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