Washington, North Carolina

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1. The Battle of Washington, North Carolina
2. Civil War Along The Coast
3. Battle Summary: Washington, NC

March 30-April 20, 1863. While Longstreet operated against Suffolk, D.H. Hillís column moved against the Federal garrison of Washington, North Carolina. By March 30, the town was ringed with fortifications, but the Confederates were unable to shut off supplies and reinforcements arriving by ship. After a week of confusion and mismanagement, Hill was maneuvered out of his siegeworks and withdrew on April 15. NPS Battle Summary


(January 2008) The Washington waterfront

(January 2008) Pamlico River looking east



(January 2008) US-17 Pamlico River bridge in the background. The Tar River forms about 1 1/3 mi. west of the bridge. View looking west

(January 2008) Marker USS Picket Civil War Trails interpretive marker at the Washington waterfront 


(January 2008) Marker Siege of Washington Civil War Trails interpretive marker 


(January 2008) Two Civil War era homes on the Washington waterfront. Both survived the 1864 fire

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