Battle of Van Buren, AR

May 2005 photos/narratives courtesy of Dale Cox, AR
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Forest Park Cemetery, Van Buren

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Charging down from Log Town Hill overlooking the town, the Federal cavalry (2nd and 6th Kansas and 3rd Wisconsin) chased the retreating Confederates down the main street. The attack came so quickly that it caught the residents of Van Buren by surprise. Union soldiers described seeing the citizens standing by the sides of the street in amazement. School children in Van Buren still reenact this part of the battle every year


Enlarge The charging Federals (and retreating Confederates) dashed past the front of the Crawford County Courthouse on their way to the river. Markers and monuments on the grounds help interpret Civil War activity in the area. The courthouse grounds also provide a home for the preserved log one-room school where Confederate General Albert Pike once taught class


This is a closer view of Albert Pike's school on the courthouse square in Van Buren. He taught in Crawford County before moving to Little Rock. Pike later figured prominently in Civil War activity in the area


Enlarge This is the battle marker on the Riverfront in Van Buren. The retreating Confederates escaped by ferry boat, but came under artillery fire from the pursuing Federals. The Confederates on the other shore soon brought up a battery and began shelling the town. At least one civilian was injured and numerous buildings were damaged

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