Unknown Confederate Graves on the Natchez Trace
Near Tupelo, Mississippi

March 2005 photos/narratives courtesy of Dale Cox, AR
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Along a section of the old Natchez Trace just north of Tupelo can be found the graves of thirteen unknown Confederate soldiers. No one knows who these men are, other than that they were buried in a line on a small hill overlooking the trace


This is another view of the graves, which originally had wooden markers. Over time, these rotted away and were replaced with stone. The original stone markers, however, were vandalized and destroyed and the current headstones were placed by the National Park Service. The graves are a few miles up the parkway from Tupelo and require about a five minute walk from the well-marked parking area


This is a section of the original Natchez Trace leading up to the unknown graves. This road has been in use for centuries and, although the main Trace was abandoned by the time of the Civil War, this section was used by Confederate troops moving back and forth through Northeast Mississippi



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