Jefferson Davis Hospital
1840 Houston City Cemetery Marker Dedication

Courtesy of William Bozic, Houston, TX
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1840 Houston City Cemetery Marker:
This marker was dedicated Sept 25, 2010- (Same day as the photograph). The marker is located next to the plot of the Super family in the SE corner of the 1840 City Cemetery at 1101 Elder Street Houston, Texas 77007. The Super Family plot is the only plot, other than a section for CSA veterans at the Houston Fire Department maintenance building which remains of the 1840 City Cemetery. The location of the cemetery was near the CSA General Hospital and CSA Camp Lubbock so it is assumed there are literally hundreds of CSA soldiers buried here without any tombstone. The nearby large CSA obelisk to the unknown dead as well as the large bronze tablet on the wall of the 1924 Jefferson Davis Hospital have long since vanished.

The bronze tablet was inscribed:
"In loving memory of our Confederate soldiers, whose sacred dust lies buried in the shadow of this building. The great soul of the South can never forget her heroes so long as liberty, honor and love of country and the heroic deeds of the brave and good are cherished as virtues, and so long will their names live in bright letters in the pages of history. From the earliest dawn of civilization down the corridors of time to the present day, no army of soldiers in any clime or age, ever excelled them in patriotism, valor, chivalry, honor, and devotion to home and country. They have ceased from their fighting, they have finished their labors, and they have entered into the glorious reward that awaits the faithful."

(September 25, 2010) Photo by William Bozic, Houston, TX
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