The Wilderness

William Bozic, TX
Billy Roberts, SC
Richard Edling, PA
Bill Bechmann, OH
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1. Richmond National Battlefield Park - National Park Service
2. Overland Campaign - Wikipedia
3. U.S. Grant's 1864 Overland Campaign
4. Civil War Traveler - Central Virginia

5. Battle Summary: Wilderness, VA - National Park Service
6. Battle Of The Wilderness Campaign Summary Facts Civil War

7. The Wilderness Campaign - Library. For Students by Students
8. Wilderness Campaign
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National Battlefields
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(5-00Wilderness Battlefield
Entrance to the Wilderness Battlefield exhibit shelter
Information Marker: Wilderness Campaign
Information Marker: Into the Wilderness
Information Marker: If it takes all summer/a fiery end
Information Marker: From the depths of defeat
Billy Roberts photos


(5-00) Wilderness Battlefield
Saunders Field

Information Marker: First blood in Saunders Field
Information Marker: 120th New York State Vol.
Information Marker: John Gordon proposes a flank attack
Billy Roberts photos
Markers (May 2013) courtesy of Walter Kasperczyk, NY
Information Marker: The Capture of Winslow's Battery
Information Marker: "A Wild, Wicked Roar"


(5-00) Wilderness Battlefield
The Wilderness today

Billy Roberts photo


(5-00) Wilderness Battlefield
Another view of the Wilderness

Billy Roberts photo


(2006) Enlarge The Wilderness
Information Marker: Troop Movements Map
Information Marker: Confederate Offensive Faltered
Richard Edling photo


(2006) Enlarge The intersection of the Brock Road and Orange Plank Road is considered by some historians to be the most important intersection of the entire war. If the Union was going to win the war, it needed to control this intersection so that the Union army could proceed southeast. Some historians believe that possession of this intersection combined with General Grant's decision to move forward proved to be the turning point in the war in the eastern theatre
Information Marker: Road Intersection
Richard Edling photo

(May 2013) Enlarge 12th Regt. New Jersey Volunteers
Walter Kasperczyk photo
  (May 2013) Enlarge The Vermont Brigade
Walter Kasperczyk photo

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