Webster County, Kentucky
Dixon - Battle of Slaughtersville - Burnt Mill

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6. Dixon: Webster County Kentucky Tourism
7. ENCOUNTER AT BURNT MILL ~ Kentucky Historic Site

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(January 2012) Enlarge Historical marker in Dixon, KY
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(January 2012) Enlarge Court House Union soldiers that had been held in the log jail at Dixon, which confined Civil War prisoners only, burned the log jail and the county jail located at the side of the Court House


(January 2012) Enlarge Cpt. F.M. Headley CSA, Camp E, 8th Reg., was recruiting men in Tennessee and Kentucky in the area. Cpt. Headley and 30 CSA recruits were attacked outside of Dixon on their way to Clay, Kentucky. Only a few CSA men escaped. John Head, Rev. Wm. Dimmitt, John Headley, and Cpt. F.M. Headley were the only prisoners taken alive


(January 2012) Enlarge Encounter at Burnt Mill historical marker


(January 2012) Enlarge On September 15, 1861, a short skirmish took place between Northern troops and community militia. Union soldiers under Col. Jas. F. Buckner and Capt. Wm. Buckner camped in Tirzah (Burnt Mill) Church. Capt. Al Fowler and the Webster County Homeguard of Kentucky fought and captured the 25 soldiers. Area scene of activity by Johnson's Partisan Rangers. This was the first shot fired in the Civil War in the State of Kentucky


(January 2012) Enlarge Another view from the Burnt Mill marker

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