Jackson County, Texas

Courtesy of William Bozic, Houston, TX
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(June 22, 2012) Enlarge Texana Presbyterian Church 1859
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This church was located in Texana, Jackson County, Texas. The current location now lies underwater. Confederate troops and commerce were big in Texana, so it is surmised that many of the Confederate officers and men who were Presbyterians probably attended services at this church. Today the church is located in a park and is often used for weddings. In fact, the photographer had to quickly snap the photo on June 22, 2012 in order to avoid the bride & groom and their entourage.


(June 22, 2012) Enlarge Side View of Texana Presbyterian Church
Keen observer was will notice air-conditioned discreetly hidden in the back of an otherwise antebellum church, which lends itself to the popularity of nuptials at this church in the month of July.

(June 22, 2012) Enlarge Texana Presbyterian Church marker
The earliest Presbyterian Church in Jackson County, the Texana congregation was formed in 1855 under the leadership of John Adams Brackenridge. The fellowship was established in Texana (6 miles SE), now a ghost town. But while the county seat and a thriving river port in 1859, the members constructed this frame sanctuary. It was moved along the New York, Texas & Mexican Railroad. Later used as a warehouse, it now serves as a reminder of the pioneer area settlers of antebellum Texas. Recorded Texas Historic Landmark-1981.
Located in a park at FM 1822/510, S. Apollo Dr. Jackson County, Texas.

(June 22, 2012) Enlarge Old Photo of Texana
This is a photo of a photo on display at the museum for the water project at Lake Texana and the Navidad River. BTW, Navidad means "Christmas" in Spanish.


(June 22, 2012) Enlarge Map of Historic Sites
This map shows both historic and prehistoric sites which were affected by the dams and reservoir. The town of Texana is now underwater, but there are some interesting displays at the museum. The insert on the map is even more valuable for understanding the strategic locations guarded by both Federal and Confederate troops.


(June 22, 2012) Enlarge Museum Displays


(June 22, 2012) Enlarge Close-up Texana Marker
Founded in 1834 by Dr. F. F. Wells, personal friend of Stephen F. Austin. County seat of Jackson County from 1835-1883. Old home of Capt. Clark L. Owen of Civil War fame. Here the following were first organized in Jackson County: Methodist Church in 1838, Masonic Lodge in 1852, Presbyterian Church in 1855. Erected 1936.


(June 22, 2012) Enlarge Texana Location with Marker
Location: from Edna, go SE 4.5 miles SH-111, go left at FM Loop 1822, Lavaca-Navidad River Authority. The Lavaca-Navidad River Authority has a small museum at its headquarters which houses the photos, map, and artifacts mentioned in this page, but not the Texana Presbyterian Church, which was originally located nearby, but is now in another park.

(June 12, 2012) Enlarge The Lavaca-Navidad River Authority
This is much larger than it appears in the photo and this is not the only one.

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