Sweeten's Cove, TN
7 miles NW of South Pittsburg, TN

Photos/Text courtesy of Paul Stanfield, Ringgold, GA
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2. Lancaster at War: The Battle of Sweeden's Cove, June 4, 1862
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8. Beene-Roulston Cemetery - Near South Pittsburg, Tennessee
9. Some Civil War Soldiers In Marion County
(Sept. 2012) Enlarge Sweeten's Cove scenery from the Beene-Roulston Cemetery

(Sept. 2012) Enlarge Sweeten's Cove Primitive Baptist Church. The church has met continuously since 1821. Union barracks and hospital during Civil War. Present structure built 1853
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(Sept. 2012) Enlarge Original cornerstone


(Sept. 2012) Enlarge Beene-Roulston Cemetery near South Pittsburg, Tennessee. Twenty unknown Confederate Cavalrymen killed in Battle of Sweeden's Cove


(Sept. 2012) Enlarge Sweeten's Cove area from the cemetery

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