Battle of Galveston 150th Anniversary

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Battle of Galveston 150th Anniversary

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Galveston Cemetery:


(January 2013) Enlarge Union Reenactors Camp
This photo was taken on Saturday, January 12, 2013. During the 150th commemoration of the Battle of Galveston which was originally fought on January 1, 1863. The union reenactors are camped out next to the customs house, which is the red brick building in the background with white trim. The site in which the union troops are camped as well is the customs house, were in the actual battle. During hurricane Ike the buildings next to the custom house caught fire and were destroyed, leaving the open lot where the union reenactors are camped in this photo. The name of the street is Post Office Street.



(January 2013) Enlarge Confederate reenactors campsite and Disney cruise ship
The Confederate reenactors were located very close to the Santa Fe railroad depot, which is now a museum. Galveston was an extremely important port for the Confederates and is still an important port.




(January 2013) Enlarge Battle of Galveston reenactment site
The wharf and barricades are re-created at this location on The Strand, which is the principal street for tourists in Galveston and the site very near where the barricade and wharf were located. During the actual battle fighting took place on the Strand and in the wharf on the other side of the Strand. It was impossible to get any photos during the reenactment, so you'll just have to imagine what it must of been like.



(January 2013) Enlarge Confederate camp site

This is a close-up of the camping area for the Confederate reenactors. The battle of Galveston fought on January 1, 1863 was essentially completed in a single day, however many Confederate units camped out at Galveston for the remainder of the war. Col. Ashbel Smith was in command at Galveston . Towards the end of the war and his papers are held at the University of Texas' Briscoe Center for American History. In May of 1865, the Wren arrived in Galveston with 87 cases of Enfield rifles and large amounts of artillery. Ashbel Smith was perplexed at what to do with the commander and crew of the blockade runner because they had delivered valuable supplies, yet they also delivered news that the war was essentially over because of Lee's and Johnston's surrender which Smith considered to be dangerous kinds of talk.

You may notice the logo of the Princess cruise line in the background of the photo. The Santa Fe Railroad Depot appears in the distance behind the A-frame tent.


(January 2013) Enlarge Battle of Galveston T-shirt
This T-shirt was available-for-sale during the Texas Division Sons of Confederate Veterans meeting held in Galveston.

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