Fort Williams, KY
Defending Glasgow

Courtesy of William J. Bechmann III, Cincinnati, OH
Webmaster for any use of the following  photos


Kentucky's Civil War Heritage Guide & Map (pdf)
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1. Historic Fort Williams
2. Fort Williams - City of Glasgow

3. Fort Williams - Glasgow, KY -
4. John Hunt Morgan in Kentucky
5. Kentucky Forts

6. Fort Williams Marker: Historical Marker Database

(April 2012) Enlarge Commonwealth of Kentucky historical sign (Fort Williams)
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(April 2012) Enlarge Cannon (12-pounder Napoleon)


(April 2012) Enlarge Defending Glasgow interpretive sign


(April 2012) Enlarge Attack of Fort Williams interpretive sign


(April 2012) Enlarge Cannon battery and parapet


(April 2012) Enlarge General Joseph H. Lewis

Fort Williams Page1  Page2

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