Confederate Navy Yard
Saffold, Georgia

Photos/narratives courtesy of Dale Cox, AR
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(2004) This is the site of the Confederate Navy Yard on the lower Chattahoochee River at Saffold, Georgia. This was the location where the C.S.S. Chattahoochee was constructed and launched in 1862. The ship was a three-masted steam vessel armed with four smoothbore 32-pounders in broadside, a 9-inch Dahlgren on the front pivot and a 32-pounder rifle on the rear pivot. Her first commander was Lieutenant Catesby ap R. Jones, who had commanded the C.S.S. Virginia during the second day of her battle with the Union ironclad Monitor


(2004) Enlarge This is a closer view of the marker at the Navy Yard site


(2004) This is a modern sign at the entrance to the navy yard area. Much of the site is now a modern subdivision. At the time of the Civil War, this was very much a remote area and the successful construction of the Chattahoochee here was a remarkable achievement


(2004) Enlarge This is a view of the actual site where the Chattahoochee was most likely constructed and launched. Notice the deep cut in the natural bank of the river. The ship's construction was the most successful part of her career. Trapped in the Apalachicola/Chattahoochee River system by obstructions placed across the river by the Confederate Army, she never had a chance to sail out into Apalachicola Bay and engage the Federal blockaders. She sank following an accidental boiler explosion in 1863, but was raised and refitted. In 1865, as Wilson's troops took Columbus, Georgia, she was set afire by her own crew and sank in the Chattahoochee River just south of that city. A portion of her wreck has since been raised and may now be viewed at the National Civil War Naval Museum in Columbus

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