Battle of Sabine Pass, Texas

Photos/text courtesy of William Bozic, TX
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Davis Guards Medal

September 8, 2007 Monument Dedication
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5. Battle of Sabine Pass
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Davis Guards Medal
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September 8, 2007 Monument Dedication
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(July 18, 2004) Enlarge This is a reconstruction of the fort used by Lt. Dick Dowling and his men (Company "F", 1st Texas Heavy Artillery). The position was under construction when the battle took place, hence the reconstructed fort is somewhat low. Sabine Pass is visible in the distance. Notice the the flag pole with no flag and the narrowness of Sabine Pass which can be seen in this photo. You can even see a boat


(July 18, 2004) Enlarge This monument erected by the UDC is next to the gas station on Hwy 87 before reaching the Sabine Pass Battlefield State Park


(July 18, 2004) This is a photo of the pavilion/kiosk (sp?). To the left you can see the Sabine River and to the right you can see the reconstruction of Fort Griffin. If you really look close, you can see the flag pole with out a flag between the tree and pavilion. The pavilion has a number of panels that tell about the battle and Texas Coast with everything from blockade running, the blockade, Battle of Galveston, Battle of Sabine Pass, medals awarded to Dowling and his men, and other actions in the area


(July 18, 2004) Enlarge This is the Texas State Historical Survey Committee marker erected in 1969. When I took the photo I was unsure if the writing could be read, so I copied it word-for-word. Here is the text which I think would be good for the website as it tells the story

"Site of Fort Griffin 1863-1865"
Renowned for brilliant victory, Sept. 8, 1863, Confederates in this fort repulsed a fleet seeking to land thousands of Federal soldiers.
Lt. Richard W. Dowling (1838-1867), in civilian life a Houston businessman, commanded fort during enemy assault. His men, mostly Irishmen from Galveston and Houston, had been comrades in arms since Feb 1861.
Sabine Pass, where Dowling's men (Co. F Texas Heavy Artillery) were assigned in 1863, was a center for the blockade-running whereby Confederacy exported cotton and obtained in exchange vital goods such as medicines and arms. Here Co. F built Fort Griffin, named in honor of Lt. Col W. H. Griffin, Confederate commander at Sabine City. Fort was designed by Col. Valery Sulakowski, formerly of the Austrian Army.
Fort Griffin was an earthwork strengthened with railroad iron and ships timbers. It was unfinished when Confederates learned of the approach of 22 ships.
Dowling kept watch, but ordered no response to the early shelling by the Federals. When first ships entered range of Fort Griffin's guns, however, the battle began. Dowling, himself served as one of the gunners. The fort sent 137 shells toward the targets. Dowling Monument (near Here) tells of the victory.
Erected 1969

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