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Photos/Text courtesy of Brian Duckworth, NC

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After the fall of forts Hatteras and Clark, Union forces began moving north up the Outer Banks. These next photos highlight the events of the Chicamacomico Races. This event took place near Rodanthe, NC and ended approximately 21 miles south just before Cape Hatteras Lighthouse

(12-2007) Enlarge Chicamacomico Rescue Station (post Civil War). This area is where the Chicamaconico Races began when Confederates met a Union advance on the Pamlico Sound side of the Outer Banks

(12-2007) Enlarge The USS Fanny episode marker. Pamlico Sound in the background



(12-2007) Site where the Fanny was stolen by Confederate forces and placed under the Mosquito Fleet

(12-2007) Enlarge  Other Side


(12-2007) Enlarge Fort Bartow and Confederate Pilings markers in Manteo, NC


(12-2007) Fort Bartow stood in this housing development on Bartow Drive. This area received heavy fire from the Union navy

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