Old Fort Park (Fort Houston)
Tallahassee, Florida

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1. Old Fort Park (Fort Houston) - Tallahassee, Florida
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This is the earthen redoubt in Tallahassee's Old Fort Park. Sometimes called Fort Houston, because it stood on the plantation of artillery Captain Patrick Houston, the fort was one of the defenses constructed to protect Florida's capital city. According to legend, the earthworks were thrown up in haste when Federal troops landed at St. Marks on the Gulf and advanced north in the direction of Tallahassee in March of 1865. Official documents, however, show that a series of fortifications were under construction around the city during the winter of 1864-1865. This fort was probably one of them


Enlarge This is side one of the marker at Old Fort Park


Enlarge This is the other side of the marker at Old Fort Park


This is a view of the outer ditch and embankment of the fort. The earthwork is remarkably well preserved, especially considering the fact that it is in a public park and has been a popular playground for generations of Tallahassee children

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