Five Forks, Virginia

2004   Don Hogan, Atlanta, GA
7-2005   William Bozic, Houston, TX
12-2007   Walter Wells, PA
2012   Alan M. Di Sciullo, Esq., NJ

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Photo by Donald Hogan

Photo by Donald Hogan


Photo by Donald Hogan


Battle of Five Forks, Virginia April 1, 1865
"Waterloo of the Confederacy"

The Five Forks

Three miles to the North of the Five Forks intersection was the South Side Railroad-Lee's last open supply line to the besieged Army of Northern Virginia at Petersburg. Confederate General Robert E. Lee gave the order to Gen. George E. Pickett to "Hold Five Forks at all hazards". For reasons that are hard to comprehend, Pickett went to eat shad (a type of fish) and his leaderless troops were defeated. The loss at Five Forks necessitated the evacuation of Petersburg and Richmond, setting the stage for the retreat to Appomattox and the surrender of the Confederate Army of Northern Virginia

This photo taken July 7, 2005 shows the strategic Five Forks from the CSA position looking toward the Union approach. All trenches have long disappeared
Photo/narrative by William Bozic


(7-05) Enlarge
Battle of five Forks Virginia April 1, 1865
Battle Monument
This photo of the monument to the Battle of Five Forks is located near the intersection of the road which make the five forks. These roads are Wheeler's Pond (Scott's) Road, White Oak Road, Courthouse Road, and Courthouse (Ford's) Road. The monument is located where Col Charles Fitzhugh's Second Brigade of the First Division of the Union Army of the Shenandoah attacked the Confederate Artillery Battalion under William J. Pegram (3 guns at the intersection). The photo was taken from a position looking toward the Union attack
Photo/narrative by William Bozic


Battle of Five Forks Virginia, April 1, 1865
NPS Visitor Center
The photo of the National Park Service Visitor Center at Five Forks Battlefield was taken from behind one of the guns representing Pegram's VA Artillery Battalion (Note wheel). There is a nice set of maps and book shop inside
Photo/narrative by William Bozic

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