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Photos/Text courtesy of Craig Swain, Leesburg, VA

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(12-2007) Enlarge Federal artillery position on the left flank. The silo in on the left is the same seen from the Confederate position at the Cedars. This was Augur's left flank

(12-2007) Enlarge Crawford's jumping off point. Crawford's brigade would move generally to the west from this line along current CR 649. The Old Orange Road passes here and will cross the modern Orange road about half way to Crittenden Lane. Thus at the time of the battle, Crittenden's Brigade moved with their left flank (which was at the intersection here) touching the Orange Road, advancing directly west toward Crittenden Gate and the position occupied by Garnett's Brigade




(12-2007) Enlarge Looking to the west down the old path of the Orange Road. The original road passed through the low ground here and traced directly to the cleft seen in the tree line in the far distance. That cleft is where modern General Winder Road turns at the historical location for Crittenden Gate. That point was the objective of Crawford's attack. To the left of that was the Confederate artillery line


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