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Photos/Text courtesy of Craig Swain, Leesburg, VA

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(12-2007) Enlarge  Close-up of monument  On the far left of the Federal lines was Gordon's Brigade. They advanced forward but were not able to support Crawford's Brigade. The 3rd Wisconsin was one of the regiments of the brigade and a memorial was placed by the survivors of the unit in 1906

(12-2007) Enlarge Archer's and Ronald's Confederate Brigades smashed Gordon's Federals in the fields here on the northwestern edge of the battlefield park. Very much spent from the day's engagement the Federals were not in a position to contest the ground against superior numbers of A.P. Hill's arriving division



(12-2007) Enlarge On the far southern side of the battle area, from a point near the end of the historical Crittenden Farm Lane, stands a modern day shooting range. From this point, looking at Cedar Mountain, the "shelf" is in the background on the left. From there Ewell's artillery could fire upon the Federal artillery and Augur's advancing infantry

(12-2007) Enlarge Looking back to the north towards Crittenden Gate on the farm lane. The rise here was the location known as the "Cedars" where Early's Brigade's right flank was anchored and Confederate artillery was posted


(12-2007) Enlarge Looking from the "Cedars" towards the Federal artillery positions. The modern silos in the distance are approximately where some of the Federal batteries were posted. It was also the left end of Augur's Division line. The division's advance was not directly toward the point of view, but rather from the distant center to the left of frame


(12-2007) Enlarge  The "shelf" of Cedar Mountain from the east side, well south of the Federal lines

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