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Photos/text this page courtesy of William Bozic, Houston, TX

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(May 2010) Enlarge View from the reverse of the newly placed statue of Jefferson Davis with his son and adopted son. The view of the Gulf of Mexico is good


(May 2010) Enlarge This is the statue of Confederate President Jefferson Davis with his son and his adopted mixed-race son that was intended to be placed by the Sons of Confederate Veterans at Richmond. There is a long and controversial story about this statue not being placed at the intended site
Other than being smaller than life-size and lacking a proper pedestal that I would have preferred for artistic reasons, I could not find anything upsetting about the monument. With any artistic endeavor there are always people who differ in opinion, so from the photo perhaps the viewer can form his or her own opinion


(May 2010) Enlarge Jefferson Davis Historical Marker for Biloxi Mississippi Confederate Veterans' Cemetery and views of the cemetery which is too big to photograph in just one picture. The cemetery was heavy damaged by Hurricane Katrina in 2005, but restoration has been fantastic. Still, five years later, work remains due to the extreme damage from Hurricane Katrina

Many of the veterans who are buried here were residents of the State of Mississippi's home for aged and infirmed CSA veterans who were lacking in funds and needful of care


(May 2010) Enlarge Confederate Veterans' Cemetery

(May 2010) Enlarge Confederate Veterans' Cemetery  

(May 2010) Enlarge Confederate Unknown Soldier Grave at Biloxi Confederate Veterans' Cemetery
Countless Confederate soldiers, as well as their Union counterparts, lie in unknown graves. This monument is the grave of an unknown CSA soldier to represent those who died and whose grave locations and names are known only to God. In front of the grave is a metallic replica of the Southern Cross of Honor
This unknown CSA soldier is buried in the Biloxi Confederate Veterans' Cemetery in Biloxi, Mississippi near Beauvoir


(May 2010) Enlarge Confederate Unknown Soldier Grave


(May 2013) Enlarge Beauvoir Entrance Sign
After entering the parking lot on May 25, 2013. We noticed a portion of the Jefferson Davis presidential library was open to the public. The library was totally destroyed by Hurricane Katrina. Contrary to popular belief, New Orleans was damaged by the levees that broke after Hurricane Katrina, while southern Mississippi took the terrible storm head-on and suffered catastrophic damage. This sign is brand-new

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