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(June 2013) Enlarge Uniform from Sibley Expedition
This is the frock coat, jacket, vest, and kepi of Capt. William H. Cleaver of Co. "D", 7th Texas Cavalry , who served in the Sibley Expedition. Capt. William H. Cleaver survived the campaign from Texas to the Arizona Territory and back but was killed not too long afterwards. According to the Museum of the Confederacy, it is believed the uniform was made in San Antonio, Texas.

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(June 2013) Enlarge Final Payment to Army Of Tennessee- Mexican Peso
Although it is mentioned repeatedly as one of the major objectives of the Union Army in its effort to take the Mississippi River, is often overlooked that Mexico was a source of income and supplies for the Confederate Army.
Union General Nathaniel P. Banks made attempts to capture Texas and thereby disrupt the flow of money and supplies/commerce with Mexico, as well as material coming from countries like Austria, England, France, Spain, etc.
This coin is evidence of the impact and benefit commerce with Mexico had on the Confederacy. Knowing in the end the paper money of the Confederacy would be worthless to his soldiers. Joe Johnson paid this men in a Mexican silver peso, which would retain its value no matter who was in charge.

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