Mason and Dixon Line
105th Mile Stone

The following 1997 photos courtesy of Richard Edling, Philadelphia, PA
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2. WA-I-272: Mason-Dixon Line: Milestone #105 (109) pdf.
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5. A Brief History of the Mason-Dixon Surveys


(1997) Detail Maryland Civil War Trails Marker: Crossing the Mason and Dixon
Marker is at the intersection of Greencastle Pike (State Highway 63) and Mason - Dixon Road (County Route 163), near Cearfoss, Maryland, in Washington County
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(1997) View from the 105th Stone markers


(1997) Another view from the markers

(1997) 105th Mile Stone historical marker (Maryland)


(1997) Welcome to Pennsylvania sign and concrete Mason-Dixon road marker at the state line


(1997) Welcome to Maryland sign at the state line

(1997) 105th Stone of the Mason-Dixon Line    

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