Boykin's Mill, South Carolina

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2. The Battle of Boykin's Mill
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Burwell Boykin, a 15 year old volunteer with the South Carolina Home Guard and son of Col. Alexander Hamilton Boykin, fought at this site defending his home on April 18, 1865

SC Home Guard
9th Ky Mi
53rd Ala. Cav.

1st Lt. E.L. Stevens, 54th Massachusetts Infantry, last Federal officer killed in the Civil War, fell about 1/4 mile west of this site April 18, 1865 during the Battle of Boykin's Mill

54th Mass. Inf.* 25th OH Inf.*
107th OH Inf.* 32nd USCT *
102nd USCT *4th Mass. Cav.*
3rd NY Art. *1st NY Eng.

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