McKean County, PA
1864 Stone Arch Culvert Railroad Bridge

Courtesy of Dave Rathfon , Bradford, PA
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The Story and History of the 1864 Stone Arch
Culvert Railroad Bridge

Online story courtesy of Dave Rathfon
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3. McKean County, Pennsylvania

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5. Culvert - Historic Bridges of the United States

6. The Stone Arch Bridge -

(2011) Enlarge Stone culvert railroad bridge (wartime Erie RR). Keystone dated 1864. In 1864 Confederate prisoners constructed RR bridges in the McKean County area

(2011) Enlarge Keystone dated 1864
(2011) Enlarge View looking toward the spillway   (2011) Enlarge View looking out toward Keystone side
(2011) Enlarge Spillway side   (2011) Enlarge Spillway stones
(2011) Enlarge Top of arch    

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