McDowell, Virginia

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(October 2010) Mountain House marker. The prelude to the Battle of McDowell started with a skirmish on May 7, 1862 here on the east side of Shenandoah Mountain
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(October 2010) Ford Edward Johnson marker. Located at the top of Shenandoah Mountain on westbound Route 250 on the way down to McDowell, VA



(October 2010) Confederate Breastworks marker. Located at the top of the mountain. The breastworks can be reached by hiking a rugged mountainside trail

(October 2010) A view to the west from the top of Shenandoah Mountain


(October 2010) The Battle of McDowell marker


(October 2010) Village of McDowell marker. The battle ensued on May 8, 1862 in and around this village

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