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Alamance County Civil War Trails Interpretive Markers (pdf)
1. Cane Creek Meeting House (Suffering for Peace)
2. Confederate Occaneechi (Piedmont Indians in the Civil War)
3. Freedom Hill Church (No Slaveholder can be a Christian!)
4. Johnston Moves West (Hardee's Column)
5. Johnston Moves West (Holt's Mill)
6. Johnston Moves West (Logisticians at Work)
Johnston Moves West (Ruffin Mills)
8. Nathaniel Polk DeShong (The Souther Diaspora)
Micajah McPherson (We have Fought the Good Fight and Kept Our Faith)
10. The Regulators' Field (A Lesson for the Defeated)
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(November 2010) Civil War Trail's marker in the series of about 10 that were recently installed in Alamance County, NC. This one tells of the withdrawal of Johnston's Army of Tennessee toward Greensboro

Johnston Moves West (Ruffin Mills)
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(November 2010) This is the crossing at the Haw River in Alamance County, NC by the Army of Tennessee as they withdrew across North Carolina. Here at this crossing, a number of young soldiers in the North Carolina Junior Reserves lost their lives drowning in the deep crossing



(November 2010) This is the road bed on the west bank of the Haw River crossing which the Army of Tennessee continued its march through Alamance County

(November 2010) This crossing by Confederate soldiers at the end of the Civil War also marks the site of the march of Governor Tryon's troops toward Alamance prior to the Battle of Alamance in 1771, which was an ignition which helped spark the American Revolution
Johnston Moves West (Holt's Mill)


(November 2010) Confederate soldiers crossed this river in to the town of Alamance in April 1865. They bivouacked on both sides of the river


(November 2010) Confederate troops of the Army of Tennessee passed through downtown Company Shops, a large railroad yard at the beginning of the outset of the war. Here, Johnston delivered a farewell address to his men after the surrender negotiations at the Bennett Farm near Durham Station
Johnston Moves West (Logisticians at Work)

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