Texas Heritage Museum
Hillsboro, TX

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1. Texas Heritage Museum, Hillsboro, Texas
2. Harold B. Simpson History Center Texas Heritage Museum

3. Texas Heritage Museum
4. Confederate Unit Histories at Hill College, Hillsboro, Texas

5. Confederate Research Center, Hillsboro, TX

(July 2010) Enlarge This museum has numerous artifacts, as well as research materials, relating to the Confederacy so it used to be known as the Confederate Research Center. There is now a museum with items from other conflicts with special attention to WWII soldier Audie Murphy, but also Vietnam, WWI, Iraq, etc.

The museum is located at Hill College, Hillsboro, Hill County, Texas and is on top of a hill overlooking I-35. There is a large outlet mall at the bottom of the hill where your spouse can be happy to let you pass hours in the research library looking at things like original CSA battle flags, letters from soldiers, and so forth.

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(July 2010) Enlarge This marker is located at Hill College next to the Texas Heritage Museum in Hillsboro, Texas. The text of the marker is:

Civil War supply center. Sent into service an infantry and 3 cavalry companies. Flour, shoes, saddles, machinery were made. The county commissioners court equipped and clothed troops. Also furnished medicine, cotton, wool, meat, corn and salt to the families of soldiers. The court raised funds by issuing bonds and script and assessing a tax of 75 cents per $100 taxable property to aid soldier's dependents and 15 cents for military purposes. Located here is a Confederate research center and museum

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