Union Col. Abel Streight's Grave
Crown Hill Cemetery, Indianapolis, IN

Colonel Abel Streight was in charge of a raid from Nashville, TN to northern Alabama in April/May of 1863. Due to a shortage of horses the infantrymen of his brigade was mounted on impressed mules that were gathered from the surrounding countryside. As everyone knows mules are very cantankerous and the men being infantry had no training as cavalry so it made for a very interesting raid.
He was harassed by Nathan B. Forrest for several days and finally tricked into surrendering his approx 1700 man force to General Forrest's 500 man force. Forrest convinced Streight that he had a much larger and better armed force by marching his small artillery battery around in circles. He did this during surrender negotiations after meeting Colonel Streight in such a position as he would have to see the circling guns. Colonel Streight was imprisoned at Libby Prison in Richmond, VA for about 10 months and then escaped with 107 other men.

Photo/Text courtesy of Jack Snyder, Indiana

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