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Historic Homes
St. James Hotel and St. James Place
Brooke Rifle Cannon
Old Depot Museum & Foundry
Vaughan-Smitherman Museum
Historic Live Oak Cemetery
Kenan's Mill
Old Cahawba

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(April 2010) Enlarge Blake-Gant House: This antebellum home was built between 1861 and 1864. During the War Between the States, ladies were in this home preparing bandages when a cannon ball pierced the roof. Fortunately, no one was injured
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(April 2010) Sturdivant Hall



(April 2010) Enlarge Sturdivant Hall: Known as the Sturdivant Hall Museum, this mansion is said to be one of the finest examples of Neo-Classical-Greek Revival architecture in the South

(April 2010) Enlarge White-Force Cottage


(April 2010) Enlarge White-Force Cottage: A nice example of Victorian style architecture. White-Force Cottage was the home of Marth Todd White, a half-sister to Mary Todd Lincoln. Her husband was not a military man so the couple was able to visit Washington D.C. during the War Between the States. They were given escorts through the Federal lines and were able to smuggle medical supplies back to the South. It was also the home of Miss M.M. Force, Selma's first postmistress. The small white building next to White-Force Cottage is the Fitts plantation pharmacy building constructed between 1830 and 1840. it was used as a pharmacy and physician's office and moved to this spot from a plantation near Uniontown


(April 2010) Enlarge Swift-Gamble House: The Swift-Gamble House is Greek Revival in style. This house is believed to have been moved from Cahawbar

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