Skirmish at Romulus, AL

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1. Civil War, Sipsey Skirmish, Greene County, Alabama [ALGenWeb]
2. Greene County, Alabama
3. Forrest at Sipsey Mills
4. The Heroes of Greene County

5. The Skirmish at Sipsey Mills Bridge, near Pleasant Ridge, April 6, 1865
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(March 2010) Enlarge Skirmish at Romulus marker. Marker was knocked down about a year ago

Marker Side-1:
Running Skirmish at Romulus
5 April 1865 – Croxton’s brigade left Northport by way of the (old) Columbus Road to Coker, then camped for the night on the old Eutaw Road toward Romulus. Confederate Gen. Wirt Adams’s 1500-man cavalry brigade, traveling from Columbus Miss to reinforce Gen. Forrest at Marion Ala, learned of Croxton’s presence in the area.
6 April – Croxton’s brigade traveled southward across the swollen Sipsey River toward Lanier’s Mill near Pleasant Ridge. After looting and burning the mill, they reversed direction to move back toward Northport, stopping along the way to feed horses and eat provisions taken at Lanier’s Mill. As the brigade resumed its march near noon, Adams’s brigade launched a vigorous assault on the Federals’ rear guard, the 6th Ky. Cav. Regt. A running skirmish began as the 6th Ky. Cav. broke until reinforced by 4 companies of the better-armed 2nd Mich. Cav. The brisk engagement continued through a heavy rain until complete darkness overtook the combatants. Both sides then encamped near Romulus, some 13 miles from Northport. Gen. Croxton reported 34 casualties and the loss of a number of horses and ambulance wagons (one of which carried his personal papers). Confederate losses were not reported

Marker Side-2:
7 April 1865 – Adams’s Confederates returned westward toward Columbus Miss in the belief that Croxton was headed that way. Croxton continued on to Northport.
8 April – Croxton, determined to rendezvous with the main Union force sweeping from Selma towards Ga, departed Northport. He followed a route to the northeast dictated by flooded creeks and the Black Warrior, traveling 23 miles north on the old Byler Rd. (US 43N).
9 - 11 April – While encamped in the area, Federal foraging parties stripped the countryside of provisions and its citizens of valuables. War of 1812-veteran John Prewett lost $26,000 in gold when one of these bands forced his slave to reveal its whereabouts in a nearby cave.
12 April – Traveling via Crabbe Rd. (old Jasper Rd.) to Windham Springs, the brigade departed Tuscaloosa County into the area of Wolf Creek in Walker County. Croxton’s “Lost Brigade” eventually rejoined Gen. Wilson’s Cavalry Corps on May 1 in Macon Ga, some 3 weeks after Gen. Lee’s surrender at Appomattox

(March 2010) Enlarge Skirmish at Romulus marker location



(March 2010) Enlarge Civil War plantation in Romulus, Alabama near where the Skirmish of Romulus took place. Civil War Reenactors meet here every year for reenactments on the grounds of the plantation

(March 2010) Enlarge

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