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Photos/Text courtesy of Steven Hippensteel, AL
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(March 2009) Enlarge Iron plating: Civil War Period. Large amounts found at Tannehill Furnace site. Used in the floor areas of ironworks or as a naval plating of various widths
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(March 2009) Enlarge Structural iron beam


(March 2009) Enlarge Tannehill furnace diorama: Built for the University of Alabama in 1953 by Prof. Thomas H. DeJarnette, Jr., this model shows what the Tannehill Iron Furnaces might have looked like during the Civil War. It was part of the work preceding the University of Alabama archaeological study done in 1956

  (March 2009) Enlarge Furnace diorama

(March 2009) Enlarge Tannehill cart wheel ca. 1861: Pieced together from various artifacts found at Tannehill, this appears to be one of two wheels from a handcart used to transport raw materials to be charged into the top of the iron furnaces


(March 2009) Enlarge Tannehill smut mill ca. 1850: This piece was found in 1978 in the creek on the left side of the main enrance road as you enter the park, downstream of the Tannehill Plantation Gristmill site. Due to it's age and complexity, It is one of the most significant archaeological discoveries. Although part of the outer edge of the piece is missing, enough information was available to identify the patent number and date. It is a smut mill, used to strip the fungus from wheat before it was threshed and ground for food. The mill has been cleaned, partially restored and stabilized for display


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