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(September 2009) Enlarge Glencoe-was the home of Captain William Wallace of the Jackson Grays in the Dismal Swamp area of North Carolina. There are no remains of the mansion

(September 2009) Enlarge Dismal Swamp which was a refuge for runaway slaves. The canal was a "prize of war" during the war and was used by the Confederates during the early part of the war to transport supplies. The canal figured greatly during the battle of South Mills since the Union objective was to blow up the locks on the canal. Following the Battle, Confederate sympathizers and deserters hid in the Swamp and periodically raided Federal boats. The canal was returned to its owners after the surrender at Appomattox in 1865 in a deplorable condition. The canal has been placed on the National Register of Historic Places



(September 2009) Enlarge Dismal Swamp Civil War Trails sign of North Carolina sites

(September 2009) Enlarge Markers at Dismal Swamp


(September 2009) Enlarge Dismal Swamp


(September 2009) Enlarge Battle of South Mills

1. Battle of South Mills, 19 April 1862

2. The Battle Of South Mills, NC - The Civil War in Camden County, North Carolina

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